Apprentices Athletic Team 1953

A great photo of the Standard Apprentices’ Athletics Team and officials of the Standard Apprentices Association.

Apprentices Athletic Team 1953
Apprentices Athletic Team 1953

We can name some of the faces:
Seated second row (Officials) left to right: FW Morris, Hon Treasurer; E. Knight, Chairman; Apprentice T Hudgel; Mr Key, Vice-Chairman; W. Grey, Apprentice Supervisor.
G. Parham, Physical Training Instructor, can be seen on the left of the third row.

Ivy Cottage

We’d love to hear any details you remember about Ivy Cottage.

ivy cottage canley
Ivy Cottage Canley, 1932 (Ivy-less!)

Sheila Egginton

I started work at the Standard Motors in 1944 at the age of 14. I was a junior clerk in the works Inspection office. Our office was in what was the Mosquito shop during the war, after the war I became typist to Mr Allen a foreman inspector over the assembly track . Our office was on a balcony overlooking the track and next to Mr Notts office.
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