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Underhill, Cecil
Assistant Groundsman formerly Sir John Blacks Gardener.
Submitted by: Morley Faulkner

Upton, Barry
End of Line painter, final finish. Worked there from 1962 to 1980.
Submitted by: Liz Costall (daughter)

Upton, Horace
End of Line, final finish. Engine room, Worked there 1930s to 1972
Submitted by: Liz Costall (granddaughter)

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triumph workers
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triumph workers


  • Frank Lord - Frank Kershaw Lord.
  • Nick Downes – Herald Trim - I started in 1968 when I left School.
  • Wages Agreement – December 1948 - Following on from the earlier post of the Wages Agreement photograph, full details have now emerged from this agreement.
  • Bob Wilson – Experimental Department - A new photograph taken at Bob Wilson’s retirement presentation.
  • Peter Russell – Costs Department - My name is Peter Russell. I joined Standard Triumph straight from school in 1964 as a clerk in the Cost Office at Canley. In my time it was situated in the large open office immediately behind the Canley Reception suite and Directors Offices.
  • Reg Arms – Stores - My dad worked at the Standard Triumph from the late 50’s to the early 90s. His name  was Reg Arms. He worked in the Stores. 
  • Competition Department - Here’s a rather splendid photo Triumph competition boys taken in 1964 with the rally 2000’s.
  • Bill Dewis – Gearbox Section - When John William Dewis, better known as Bill to his friends in the Gearbox Shop at Fetch, retired on June 15, 1960 after 36 years service, Mr. A. Swindle, Works Director, spoke of the ‘wonderful job’ he had done for the company.
  • Gwen Cadman – Wages Department - Mrs Gwen Cadman, a computer operator in the Wages Department at Fletch North.
  • Les Ball – Prefabrications Area - Popular Les Ball retired from our Company earlier this year, after 42 years’ service at Coventry.

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Standard Triumph Works Gallery

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