Standard Triumph Ladies – Trim Shop. Mavis Langdon Pt1

A great series of images from Carmel Langdon have been sent in featuring her mum Mavis and a number of Standard Triumph staff in the sixties.

Carmel says “Mum was in various factory shops and moved continually around” the photos look like a trim shop, there are certainly sewing machines and bits of trim in some of the photos. Mavis can name a number of the people in the photos, so we are working on that too.
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That’s Me! Ron Thompson

We have a match! 
We posted the original photograph from our archives for the site launch at the end of January of this year, it shows a group in the TR section of the Assembly Shop at Canley.

The photo was from the Standard News, the in-house company newspaper dated May 1959. The subject is Fred West and Fred was 69 and for six years worked as a sweeper in the section. He retired Easter 1959. Handing over the retirement gift of a wallet and £11 is Shop Steward Jack Griffin. Continue reading “That’s Me! Ron Thompson”

The Last Triumph Herald

A fantastic photo depicting the very last Triumph Herald off the production line. Dated May 21st, 1971, it’s quite a well known photo. What isn’t known are the names of the people shown in the photographs. Thanks to this website we now have a match for the gentleman in the drivers seat – we’ll be revealing all soon!

From its initial launch, the Triumph Herald ran from 1959 through to 1971 selling over half a million cars throughout the world. The Heralds chassis construction enabled different body styles to be easily assembled – saloon, coupe, convertible and even a van – and lead to the development of the Triumph Vitesse, Spitfire and GT6.
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