Standard Triumph Houses – Tile Hill Lane

Standard Triumph owned a number of houses. We are currently compiling the details but couldn’t resist uploading this rare colour photograph from 1959.

Tile Hill Lane 1959
Tile Hill Lane 1959

The photographer would have been standing in the middle of the recreation ground – the sports pitch. The Recreation Club Pavillion would be over on the right, the Directors block and Fletchamstead Highway towards the left and the main factory assembly blocks to behind the photographer.

What we can see is the rear of a Standard Triumph property (a semi) on Tile Hill Lane. The building still remains today – so too the houses opposite. A red bus can be seen heading along Tile Hill lane. The white building to the left is currently unknown – can you help identify it?

Tile Hill Lane saw an entrance point to the Standard Triumph site, with the entrance very close to the Recreation Pavillion.

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  1. It is definitely not 108 Tile Hill Lane! That was my grandparents’ house (Tom Kirkham) from 1960 to 1987 and was on the opposite side of the road and further down, towards the social club. The houses in the picture would be odd numbers

  2. I lived in the right hand house If I remember it was 108 Tile Hill Lane.
    My dad was Harry Faulkner works Electrical Engineer. Our neighbour on left was Arthur Frost next house down was Ceceil Underhill Assistant Groundsman formerly Sir John Blacks Gardener.
    Then it was …………… ( He was Commissionaire) and last one I remember was Fred Worrall.
    We lived there up until my Dad’s death in 1957. Prior to us was Arthur Harrow, his wife Beatie and son Dudley

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