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‘The best days of my life’
What’s the Idea with the Database?

Fascinated with stories from ex-employees from Standard, Standard Triumph and Triumph, we thought we would collate and document as many of these memories as possible. We launched this website February 1st, 2017.
We’d love you to get involved by adding as much or as little information as possible to the archive. Ultimately, we’d like a list of every worker, the years they worked there and which department, or part of the factory. This could be you – or a family member or friend.

This, we appreciate, needs to start somewhere – so perhaps you can help with a name Smith, John for instance – it gives us something to aim for.

We are often looking at old, grainy photographs – that’s if they exist at all – so it’s great to hear your stories from your time at Standard and Triumph.

We have, for instance, recently been sent a colour aerial photograph of the entire Canley site – we have used a couple of black and white ones in the top header area of the website. The ‘new’ colour photo shows the Rocket Range Assembly Hall, so it means it is after 1961 and we can see some panels on the side of this huge white building – they are red. We never knew they were red – did you?

Assume we know nothing – we’d love to hear from you and if you want to tell us why the Rocket Range was called the Rocket Range that would be great. We’d prefer more people to tell us the same thing as it proves the story is correct! We want to hear your little details like what time the day started, when it ended – everything! Can you help?

Submitting Details.
You can submit details online using the form and by clicking the Submit a Name link. Here you can add a name (Surname first please) and any information you may have – department, service years etc etc. Finally you can add your own name – you may be submitting on behalf of someone else. Then click on Submit.

You can submit as many names as you wish – you may have worked in the same department with Steve Smith, John Evans and Bob Jones, so you can submit their names either independently, one for each submission, or as a list in the description, and we’ll pull them out, to list on their own.

What Not to Write
Each submission is moderated before it is added to the database – so anything we think isn’t appropriate will not be added – If you would like the platform to ask old friends to get in touch, you can do but we may remove contact details to ensure any responses are appropriate.

In the description part you can write as much as you want – the more the merrier with some entrants being pulled out as future ‘featured‘ articles. If you are writing a long entry, we’d recommend you write you entry in Word, or similar, so you can save your typing!

Data Protection
If you make a submission via the ‘Submit a Name’ link, we DO NOT collect any email addresses, IP address or any info so we can contact you (or forward your details to any third parties). We’d love to hear as much detail as possible so perhaps once you have submitted your name(s), you can drop us an email with more memories. We’ll feature this info on the latest news pages.

Email Us
You can email info through to If you have any old photographs, you can email them to us via this address too. We’d love to see them. We’ll accept photos in any condition.

Write To Us
You can use the post office and write to us.
Our postal address is:
Standard Triumph Works Archive
10 Great Orme Close, Cawston, Rugby, CV22 7RT.

If you post any photos and would like them returned please include a stamped address envelope! Fletch North, Fletch South, Canley, Radford, Banner Lane, Allesley, Tile Hill, Western Avenue (London), Bordesley Green (Birmingham), Speke (Liverpool), Berkeley Square (London) or any of the associated sites/companies associated with Triumph – we’d love to hear from you.
So please, make yourself a cuppa and spend five minutes adding some memories to the database after all, many ex-employees consider their time at the Triumph Works, “The best days of my life.”
Thank you.
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