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June 2017 UPDATE: Thank you for all the submissions we now have over 1,100 names in the database with articles, info, memories and photos coming in. We’ll show everything, that comes in, at some point soon, please bear with us. We still need more… Email your stories today!
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triumph workers


  • Coventry Car Day 9th September, 2017 - Share your stories with us from Standard Triumph – at the Coventry Car and Motorcycle Day Saturday 9th September, 2017 As part of the UK-Wide Heritage Open Weekend, Vehicles from Coventry’s finest factories built by Coventry’s finest generation will be assembling at Coombe Abbey Country Park and leaving (at 9.15am) to drive into Coventry City Centre for a day-long …
  • Murphy – Standard Triumph Groundsman - A marvellous group photo showing a Cricket Match on the sports pitch at Canley – stopped for a photo opportunity with a very special guest.
  • Ivy Cottage - We’d love to hear any details you remember about Ivy Cottage.
  • Sheila Egginton - I started work at the Standard Motors in 1944 at the age of 14. I was a junior clerk in the works Inspection office. Our office was in what was the Mosquito shop during the war, after the war I became typist to Mr Allen a foreman inspector over the assembly track . Our office …
  • The Standard Triumph Club - The Standard Triumph Club, Sports Pavillion is the only works building from the original factory that still remains. The site is now a social club.
  • Alick Dick - Alick Sydney Dick, seen here in January 1961, as the Managing Director of the Standard Motor Co. Archive: 28 November 1960 The “wonder boy” of Britain’s car industry , Mr Alick Dick, has reached the top job in the Standard – Triumph International Company. For Mr Dick, now Managing Director, is to become Managing Director …
  • Coventry Car Day – Saturday 9th September, 2017 - Early Notice: A Date for Your Diary Heritage Open Weekend, where cultural venues right across the country will be open to the public including places and buildings that usually are closed to the public including venues in Coventry. This Standard Triumph Works Archive is looking to be part of this special event in the centre …
  • Final Finish - A fabulous new photograph from ‘Final Finish’ – are you able to help with a possible date and any names?
  • F J Shaw – Materials Handling - Some of the problems involved in car assembly, particularly when transferring parts from the contractors to the assembly plant, which could be anything from 20 to 120 miles away, were the subject of comment by Mr. F. J. D. Shaw, materials handling engineer, the Standard Motor Co., Ltd., who dealt with “Handling in Motor Manufacture.”
  • Joe Waite - Whilst researching Arthur Hutt, I came across your article on the Standard Triumph website and thought you might like to know the following.

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