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triumph workers
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triumph workers


  • Leyland Takeover – 1961 - The Leyland Takeover, 1961.
  • Flat Rate Wages Plan - This occasion proved popular – it would be great to get a higher resolution as there are hundred in this photograph.
  • Canteen - A fabulous photo taken within the works canteen at lunchtime, March 1950.
  • Jock Murray – London Sales and Service - Another fabulous photo taken at the retirement of Sergeant Major ‘Jock’ Murray.
  • Training School Pt2 - John Drakeford has sent this fabulous photo from his time, in the late sixties, of the Standard Triumph Training School in Torrington Avenue.
  • Training School Pt1 - John Drakeford has been in touch with a couple of photographs from his days at the Standard Triumph Training School in Torrington Avenue in the late sixties.
  • Foremen – Recognise Anyone? - A photo we have been sent through, with a snippet of information confirming this lineup is a group of Standard Triumph Foremen. Can you help identify anyone or the location?
  • 30,000th Standard Car - A fabulous period photo with the 30,000th Flying Twelve coming off the production line.
  • Fletch North - A fabulous period photo of Fletch North
  • Alexander Craig – Works Manager - Alexander Craig was the very first Works Manager for the fledgling company of Standard.

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