Tom Neary – Maintenance Department

Tom Neary , of Maintenance Department, Canley, was presented with a sum of money from the department when he retired after many years’ service. Mr. E. K. Wadsworth, Works Engineer, made the presentation.

Tom Neary Standard Triumph
Tom Neary (L) Standard Triumph
“I’ve been very happy here. It’s been the best jot, and, the best conditions, I’ve ever had” That was Tom Neary, a native of Ireland, when he retired after over 16 years with our Company. Tom had many jobs in the Maintenance Dept. He was mainly known as a “belt-man” fixing belts on machines, but he had done work in the heavy gang such as moving machinery to other parts of the factory.
The Presentation
Mr. E. K. Wadsworth, Works Enginer, presented Tom with a sum of money, on behalf of workmates and friends, and thanked him for his good service.
Some Ill Health
Tom has had some ill health in recent years but has always kept cheerful. His wife has been blind for 17 years, and although she can do the housework. Tom has always had to prepare their meals.
In Retirement

Tom Neary will he able to look alter Mrs. Neary more and she will no longer be alone in their house in Hood Street for long periods. Mrs Neary loves roses, and Tom intends to grow them, and other flowers, for her. They have one son and three grandchildren.

October, 1966
Editor: E.K. Wadsworth is Edward Ken Wadsworth. He can be found HERE.

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