Tell Us Your Story

We are often looking at old, grainy photographs – that’s if they exist at all – so it’s great to hear your stories from your time at Standard and Triumph.

We have, for instance, recently been sent a colour aerial photograph of the entire Canley site – we have used a couple of black and white ones in the top header area of the website. The ‘new’ colour photo shows the Rocket Range Assembly Hall, so it means it is after 1961 and we can see some panels on the side of this huge white building – they are red. We never knew they were red – did you?

Assume we know nothing – we’d love to hear from you and if you want to tell us why the Rocket Range was called the Rocket Range that would be great. We’d prefer more people to tell us the same thing as it proves the story is correct! We want to hear your little details like what time the day started, when it ended – everything! Can you help?

Fletch North, Fletch South, Canley, Radford, Banner Lane, Allesley, Tile Hill, Western Avenue (London), Bordesley Green (Birmingham), Speke (Liverpool), Berkeley Square (London) or any of the associated sites/companies associated with Triumph – we’d love to hear from you.

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