Mark McCombie

I started work at Standard Triumph in the summer of 1971 working at the Tile Hill training school. I progressed to become a trimmer working at Canley and also at the Service Department at Allesley.
I worked in all the production areas and ended up until closure in 1980 on the rocket range building spitfire seats, 19 a day! (Measured day work was introduced).

Great place to work, great sports teams and large fields behind the club.
I remember fetching chips at lunch for the guys and I used to put an extra spare bag into the box and fill it up from the others, free lunch!

Many people will recall the trips to Honeybourne where cars with missing components were stored and guys being sent to fix. Breakfast on the way and a pub visit for lunch!

Some used to leave for the pub early and walk but walking behind Long Lartin maximum security prison had repercussions as they were seen on camera!
Got many happy memories and stories.

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