Fletch South

Remarkably we may have ‘found’ the doors to the main entrance at Fletch South. They still exist!

Fletch South Entrance
Fletch South Entrance

The first photo is of the doors immediately prior to removal (and subsequent demolition of the buildings). The second, an earlier photo, is of the doors at Fletch South. We will be looking through our archive to see if we can find a better close up (in period) of these doors.

Fletch South Canley
Fletch South, Canley

The doors started out their life as a set of rotary doors but the receptionists complained of the drafts they let in so they changed them to two sets of ‘normal’ doors.

It’s amazing what IS left of the Standard Triumph factories. If you have anything we’d love to hear from you. Send a photo to iwas@standardtriumphworks.co.uk

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