Costs Department Pt 1

My name is Annemarie Mabbs was Annemarie Mckenna I started work on April 17th 1963 as a junior in the costs depart at Canley.
I progressed to shorthand typist then secretary to the office boss Brian Skelcher. I left in January 1970 to go to Australia where I have lived ever since with my husband David Mabbs who worked for Rolls Royce. I have a few photos of the gang from the cost office during this time. We had many a laugh and good fun in there.   I don’t know if many people would remember me???

Costs Department Canley
Costs Department Canley, 20th September 1969

What a great photo (Ed)
“I was so overwhelmed with all the presents. I did not stop crying and much to my dads dismay as he also worked at Standard Triumph this photo never went into the paper.”

Names we can add to this photo:
Brian Skelcher (Office Supervisor) making a presentation to Annemarie McKenna.
Left to Right:
Elaine Kelly
Olwen Jones
Susan Lestrange
Olive Hastie
Barbara Judge
Marilyn Adams
Carol Hawkins
Tony Gibbs
Tom Braund
Sheila Jackson

Do you recognise anyone? Please get in touch if you can help

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