Civil Defence Unit

The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. have recently formed their own Civil Defence Unit with the object of training a nucleus of Civil Defence Personnel which can be expanded rapidly should an emergency arise.

Training will start in the near future under the Instructors shown in our photograph. Each volunteer will be asked to train for a period of two hours on one night per week. Volunteers are to be paid at the rate of 3/- per hour for men and 2/. per hour for women. Up to the present almost 200 volunteers have enrolled but more are required.

Anyone who is interested should apply to the Civil Defence Officer, Banner Lane.

From left to right in the photograph above are-Back row : J. W. Kearns, W. C. Tansy, J. Chadderton, W. H. Hope, J. Parkinson, A. E. Haycock, J. W. James, J. McQuirk.

Front row : F. Picken, S. Greenbank, Arthur (Paddy) Jeffcoatt (Chief Instructor), F. H. Hanson (Civil Defence Officer), L. H. Roden (Chief Instructor), F. Reason, F. Worrall, B. Moore.

ARCHIVE. March, 1952