Holiday Camp – Weston-super-Mare Pt1

A scheme which is being organised by The Standard Motor Company Ltd. Recreation Club Committee will undoubtedly go far to solve many of the employees’ holiday problems. An attractive seven acre field site has been acquired at Weston-super-Mare from the middle of July to the end of August.
The site is situated one and a half miles from the centre of the town to which there is a ten minute bus service, while the sea is only a few minutes walk. Children of all Standard employees are invited to participate in this scheme, but they must be accompanied by at least one of their parents. The scheme, which is intended to replace the usual Children’s Sports and Field Day, will provide the children with a week by the sea, which is felt will be more beneficial to the children than the one crowded day which depends so much on the weather.

Transport from Coventry and return will be free for all employees’ children who are still attending school, but adults and parents will be charged a nominal fee for the return journey. All accommodation will be free and will consist of ridge tents with camp beds for parents and younger children, while the older children will be accommodated in two dormitory marquees. There will be a marquee for canteen facilities from which teas will be provided, parents will make their own arrangements for other meals either by making use of local catering establishments, or by making use of cooking facilities which will be made available in the camp.

Bedding, blankets and other camping equipment, except tent, ground sheets and camp beds, must be provided by the campers, but equipment will be transported free in separate vehicles. The committee will have a full staff of safety and welfare officials in attendance, and every precaution taken to ensure the safety and health of the children.  (More to follow)