Kinnond, Brenda and Jack

My husband worked at the Standard for 36 years. He started when he was 14 at Banner Lane and was tranferred to Canley after one year. He worked as an engine fitter for another two years and then he went into the navy.

He really enjoyed his time there and when he was demobbed he had more or less decided to go back into the navy and sign on for longer.

Before really deciding he went into the Standard to see his friends and the foreman said to him “we have a job here for you Jack whenever you want to start”, so he went back and worked for 36 years altogether.

He saw many changes there working on Vanguard, Spitfire, Herald and many different types of engines.

I started there in 1952 packing parts for cars to be made in Australia, New Zealand, India. Then I moved to the trim shop and was there for 18 years altogether.

Our first (new) car was a Triumph Herald 12/50 in which I learned to drive. We were both made redundant in 1980 when the Standard closed.

Unfortunately Jack passed away in 2002 but he would have enjoyed reading your article as I did. I am sure he would have written to you but he would have done it better as he always seemed to have a story to tell about the Standard or the navy.

Brenda Kinnond, Coundon.

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