Luxury Homes at Half Price

Courage and determination have often produced outstanding results. In about three years time these two qualities will base raised eleven large bungalows for eleven determined men. Each bungalow will be valued at something like £3,000 and will cost approximately £1,400.

This tremendous saving is achieved by self building. The eleven men, Standard employees, are ready to begin at any moment. At the time of writing, seven of the eleven are already well organised, they only need another four people to join them, preferably craftsmen or ex-craftsmen such as carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers and plasterers. They propose to lease sufficient land from the Coventry Corporation. The site they have in mind is situated at the corner of Torrington Avenue and Station Road, Tile Hill an ideal spot bordering on the bird sanctuary.

Each man will be required to make an initial deposit of £50 before work can begin. They intend to work about 20 hours a week and allow time off for annual holidays. This is not the first venture of its kind by Standard employees. There have been four of them and all very successful. Each scheme was registered as a Company, namely Standhope, Vanguard, Renown and Godiva. This new Company is to be called Standex because the pioneers of this new scheme, headed by Mr H. G. Lowrie, work in the Experimental Department. If you are interested in joining the scheme, contact Mr Lowrie, but don’t be too disappointed if the team is already at full strength.

ARCHIVE: March, 1958

UPDATE: The article on the homes in Torrington avenue was interesting.
Hughie Lowrie who worked in Fletch North I never knew he was involved with
the houses. Ken Clark who was a builder by trade and also worked on the engine track helped build a house for his brother Bill who was the chief metallurgist in Fletch North. Peter Clark who worked in the competition department was also their brother. Martin Cox