A Visit Back To Standard Triumph, Canley

A Visit Back To Standard Triumph, Canley. 

It has always been on the ‘bucket list’ to visit Coventry and, in particular, the site where the Standard Triumph factory once stood. The site is now a retail park with a large Sainsburys, fast food outlets and offices however, amongst the newer builds one original feature still remains – the Standard Triumph Recreation Club – and it was this we wanted to see.
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Canley Works

THE STANDARD Canley works came to be built when the founder of the company, Reginald Maudslay, felt he needed to break away from restricted sites at Bishopsgate Green and Much Park Street.

A series of A-framed sheds were constructed in 1915, the three earliest being fronted by a substantial red brick office building, the Ivy Cottage. In these workshops large numbers of First World War fighter planes were produced before the Armistice.

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