Tom Carss

Tom joined as a car body builder around 1920ish. He was foreman by the 1939 census and then probably in body design in the drawing office.

tom carss Standard Triumph
Tom retired early, due to ill health, in the summer 1945 and moved from Kenilworth to Teignmouth, Devon. Coincidentally, he and his wife apparently sold their house in Birches Lane to Sir John Black.

The photo, from his retirement presentation, shows a number of his colleagues on the day receiving a gift from the firm in 1945 – which I still possess.

I understand that he was a very popular chap there and according to his daughter, had at one time, spent a lot of time at home designing a flexible (canvas/textile?) retractable sunroof which he proudly took into work and which I understand was taken into production.

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Submitted by: Michael Carss (Grandson)