A E Powell

I was a foreman at Standard for nearly 20 years.

I first came to Coventry just after the Blitz on the city, having left London. All my working life was spent in the city.

To see the old Herald standing on the roof at Fletchamstead was indeed  a sight that many could be proud of.

Standard Triumph built some of the best cars produced in the industry, as did, and still continues to, Jaguar.

Coventry has a lot to be proud of in its history and in that I include the people of the city.

To anyone who has made their home in the city from far and wide, as I once did, I say be thankful for your job, do what you can and take pride in the city. If you ask why, because Coventry has provided more jobs and a good living to many thousands of citizens from around the world and continues to do so.

Coventry, I love it and its people.

A E Powell,  South Devon.

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