Bert Powell

Foreman, Final Inspection. 

What memories of the old Standard Motor Company there must be around the world. At the end of the Second World War, thousands of ex-servicemen were looking to get back to the jobs they had left while serving the country. Many others were looking to get into the Standard, as the family atmosphere and high wages were well known in the industry. Sir John Black and his wife had a great interest in the men who had served the country, forming the pipe band that not only travelled the length and breadth of this country, but toured and were acclaimed all around Europe. Hundreds of Americans would arrive at Canley, where their new sports cars would be assembled in front of the main offices. The pipe band would play them off, for the tour of Europe, thus advertising some of the finest cars made at the time. In those days before the introduction of car delivery, garage owners would pick up the new cars from the factory. One lady that I remember travelled every day – twice a day on occasion – from Gloucester. And there were no motorways in those days.

Having spent nearly 20 years as a foreman, plus time on the shop floor.

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