Christmas for Employee Children

3,500 Children of Standard Triumph employees attended end-of-year parties.

How can a party be given for 3,500 children? Our Coventry Works Recreation Club committee is faced with this problem each year, and they usually solve it by booking for two days the largest cinema in the city. Each day, over 1,700 children of employees are invited to the party, and at the end nearly 3,500 children have had a jolly good time.

This season, the parties were held on December 29 and 30 at the Odeon theatre in the centre of Coventry. Triumph’s General Works Manager, Mr Peter Lilly, and Mrs Lilly, attended to welcome the children and also to present prizes to 20 lucky draw winners each day.

Childrens Christmas Standard Triumph
Mr. Peter Lilly, General Works Manager, and Mrs. Lilly, attended our Coventry children’s parties last month and presented prizes to lucky draw winners. They are in the centre of a crowd of prize winning children.
Boys successful in the lucky draw were presented with prizes of watches, and prize winning girls were presented with silver bracelets. Every child received gifts of “goodies” during the entertainment and everyone received a box of chocolates as a going home present.
Employees’ children who were too young to travel, or who lived too far away, were provided with presents before Christmas, and nearly 6,000 of these parcels were distributed at the Coventry factories to pass to the children.
Finance for the present-giving and entertainment comes from weekly contributions by employee donations from the Company, and fund raising events sponsored by the Recreation Club. Much effort goes into organising the parcel distributions and the parties, by the Works Recreation Club committee members, and they are to be congratulated on their work for employees’ children.
December 1971

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