Czech Mates

On October 25th, 1955, a delegation from Czechoslovakia, as part of their official business whilst visiting the U.K.
standard motor co 1955

The delegation inspected the factories of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd., and our picture shows them grouped around one of the Company’s latest models, the Vanguard III, in which the Czechs were particularly interested.

The visiting party consisted of experts from a Czechoslovak Foreign Trade Organisation Motokov, led by Mr. V. J. Vlk, Motokov’s Deputy General Manager (pictured on the right of Mr. J. A. Christensen, The Standard Motor Co. Ltd.’s Export Commercial Manager), and they were accompanied by Mr. V. Svoboda, Motokov Representative in London (pictured on Mr. J. A. Christensen’s left). Mr. D. L. Maier, Standard European Representative, is on the extreme right.