Jerry Rose – Maintenance

Jerry Rose retired from Maintenance Dept., Canley, after over 20 years of service.
Jerry started on Maintenance in the Press Shop in 1938 but 12 months later he was serving in the Royal Engineers. He was in France before Dunkirk and left the Army in 1940 through illness. After some wartime work in Maintenance he left and did not re-join until 1950. From then he worked nearly 20 years for Standard Triumph.

jerry roseFor the department, Mr E. K. Wadsworth. Works Engineer, presented a sum of money and thanked Jerry for his service. Mr and Mrs Rose live at 436 Tile Hill Lane, Coventry. They have two sons in Coventry and a grandchild. Jerry has plenty of hobbies, besides gardening. He will enjoy more driving in his Triumph 1300.

ARCHIVE: December, 1969