Maurice Elliott

I would like to share my experiences working at Standard Triumph during the 1960’s. It was an excellent decade of learning and ease of travel. Plus good music to dance to!

standard triumph monumentStandard Triumph provided an excellent grounding in Engineering and practical experiences to become a well rounded Engineer.

Like my brother Terry Elliott I too had the opportunity to join Standard Triumph as an Apprentice Toolmaker that ended up with a Production Engineering Degree and specializing in Inspection Methods Engineering under the guidance of Ken Watkins – Manager of the Standards Room and Statistical Quality Control Team.

The Apprenticeship System with Standard Triumph was an incredible experience being so diverse in structure: Technical Studies, Outward Bound School, Practical Engineering Training and our annual trips to Earls Court Automobile Show. Education paid for at Coventry Technical College and Lanchester CAT whilst still receiving a weekly pay envelope with real money in it !!
Thank you, Standard Triumph.

This prepared me to become a very rounded Engineer (with academic and practical understandings) the opportunity to work worldwide in the UK / Australia / Germany / North American locations in many different business sectors and management roles.

People / Situations at the Standard Motor Company that I remember are many. Eddy Bishop / Alan Dennis providing mathematical insight to engineering problem solving – so patient with young teenagers.

Gordon Parham on how to start the day right with some physical activity, (I still today @76 years old swim three times a week @ 6:30 AM) – and then the free breakfasts plus food tickets (Soup / Dinner / Dessert) at the Pavilion Centre. We all wore a white work coat with a blue collar to signify we were apprentices in training.

Gaff Jenkins Jig and Tool Design – he gave you the confidence to Design and not just do the dimensioning or filing of drawings. There was so much structure and planning to your practical training in support of your academic qualifications.

Les Stokes – so knowledgeable in the practical use of trigonometry / formulae in measuring gear profiles and meshing characteristics.

Ken Watkins – setting up a work term at Sigma Tooling Company in Letchworth to learn about measurement via air pressure.

Tom Thorn, Standards Room – an education on life and how to drink a yard of ale.

In the early 1960’s Coventry came alive at 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM with people going to work engaged in the Auto Industry. Transportation to work was via Bus, Car or a Bicycle. Our family went to work by bicycle, come rain or fog. A definite start and end to your day

None of this 24/7 and continuous flow of emails. You were free to carve your own career and journey the world.

No stress, just a good life learning experience. THANK YOU.

Maurice Elliott – Calgary, Alberta, Canada