Park Royal Service Depot

Standard Triumph’s Service Depot at Park Royal in West London.
This fabulous photograph dates from June 1951 when Sir John Black visited the Park, Royal Service Depot on the occasion of the twenty-first anniversary of its foundation.
Park Royal Standard Triumph
Seen with Sir John are some of the longer service employees. From L to R.: Mr. W. J. Cooke, 29 years ; Mr. D. J. S. Dawson, 23 years ; Mr. E. Freebrey, 25 years ; Mr. A. R. Theobald, 30 years ; Mr. A. Spreadbrow, 26 years ; Mr. R. L. Bickerstaff, 24 years ; Mr. M. T. Berard, 27 years ; Mr. J. W. Theobald (London Service Manager) ; Sir John Black (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director) ; Mr. B. Turnbull (Service Manager); Mr. M. Vincent, 23 years ; Mr. W. McCabe, 26 years ; Mr. W. J. Prior, 21 years ; Mr. Richard Welham, 25 years ; Mr. C. Davidson, 30 years ; Mr. A. Hellis, 24 Years ; Mr. N. Spinks, 26 years