After tabulation, the manifold order and invoice documents are issued to the Stores, where the spare parts are accumulated and as soon as the order is completed, it is passed on a moving belt conveyor, through to the Packing Section.
Each Storekeeper is responsible for a certain section, and until the order is completed, it is passed manually along a roller conveyor. Immediately after the order is completely accumulated, it is passed on to a moving belt conveyor, which passes it quickly to the Packing Department.
Despatch Before orders are passed into the Packing Section, they are carefully checked, and are then transferred by roller conveyor to (1) the Section dealing with postal packages, (2) small packages for despatch by Passenger Train, or (3) large bulky orders re-quiring cases. Finally, consignments are trans-ferred to the Despatch Section for delivery by post, road or rail transport, to our Distributors and Dealers throughout the world.
Standard Triumph spares Department
Standard Triumph Spares Department
The first stage in the progress of a Spares Order is its interpretation into Part Numbers.
Punched Stock Cards, which control the Tabulator, are selected against the customer’s order.

The Stock Cards are inserted in the Tabulator, which mechanically produces all paper work.

Standard Triumph Spares Dept
Standard Triumph Spares Dept

A general view of one section of the Stores to which the order is passed and the spare parts accumulated. Note the neat spacious layout.

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