The Last Triumph Herald

A fantastic photo depicting the very last Triumph Herald off the production line. Dated May 21st, 1971, it’s quite a well known photo. What isn’t known are the names of the people shown in the photographs. Thanks to this website we now have a match for the gentleman in the drivers seat – we’ll be revealing all soon!

From its initial launch, the Triumph Herald ran from 1959 through to 1971 selling over half a million cars throughout the world. The Heralds chassis construction enabled different body styles to be easily assembled – saloon, coupe, convertible and even a van – and lead to the development of the Triumph Vitesse, Spitfire and GT6.
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My Job at Standard

By the late fifties, the electricians at Canley had devised a system whereby when car shells came from Liverpool they were hoisted by crane onto what was called skids, on the second floor. We then took charge with an electric panel in the basement of the building, among the stores. The track was on the ground floor, constantly on the move, each worker had a time limit to fit his piece.

Now my job with a couple of colleagues was to place the shells on the track from the floor above in a sequence that allowed the worker to complete his job. We could not place two overdrives to follow each other, or two Spitfires together. There were many snags, we had to have the cars in order, about twenty cars in front of the track to allow our typists to type the sequence for all depts to have the necessary parts in order. Also the sheets the girls typed out, only a little ‘o’ was typed above the car to denote an overdrive car, if she missed typing such then the car got the wrong engine fitted etc, and there was many things to sort out, disc brakes or drum brakes, left hand or right hand steering, so it ran on fine timing.
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I worked at Standard Triumph…

Online register and memories of ex-Standard Triumph Employees

We have developed a new initiative to collate and document info on ALL the ex-employees from Standard/Triumph over the years – from our sister site ( have been sent so much info, which isn’t necessarily Herald related, but is so important we thought it all needed to be saved some how – hence this new site.

We’d love you to get involved…
What’s the Idea with the Database?
Fascinated with stories from ex-employees from Standard, Standard Triumph and Triumph, we thought we would collate and document as many of these memories. We’d love you to get involved by adding as much or as little information as possible to the archive. Ultimately, we’d like a list of every worker, the years they worked there and which department, or part of the factory.

This, we appreciate, needs to start somewhere – so perhaps you can help with a name Smith, John for instance – it gives us something to aim for.

Submitting Details
You can submit details online using the form and by clicking the Submit a Name link. Here you can add a name (Surname first please) and any information you may have – department, service years etc etc. Finally you can add your own name – you may be submitting on behalf of someone else. Then click on Submit.

You can submit as many names as you wish – you may have worked in the same department with Steve Smith, John Evans and Bob Jones, so you can submit their names either independently, one for each submission, or as a list in the description, and we’ll pull them out, to list on their own.