Standard Vanguard, full-sized model

I worked for the Coventry Tile Company, one of the finest tile fixing firms in the country.

One Saturday morning, I was sent to do a small tiling job at the Standard Motors factory. I arrived with my small tool bit, the tiles and other materials having been delivered the day before.

I was instructed to enquire at a certain office as to the location of the job to be done. To this day I don’t know where I went wrong, but I found myself in a very large space, which contained a full-sized model of the Standard Vanguard.

If I had been looking at a spacecraft I could not have been more amazed.

The older Standard boys will know what I mean. Two men appeared and I found myself marched into an office where a lady typist was instructed to type a “I hereby declare that I will not mention what I have seen”, etc.

I duly signed the document but said “I am a Coventry lad, and that wild horses would not drag me from what I had seen.”

I have lots of happy memories of the Standard Motor Company.

Harry Pointer, Coventry