C. P. Vernon Hervey – Welfare Office

In the first re-issue of the Supplement, under “Comment,” it stated that all material for future issues was to be sent to the General Secretary’s Office, Recreational Club, Canley. This has now been changed and all matters apertaining to the Supplement should be addressed to Mr. C. P. Vernon Hervey, the Welfare. Office, Canley, Extension 30 for those who wish to contact him on the telephone, or for those who wish to discuss their articles personally, he can be found in what was the old petrol office in the Ivy Cottage.Standard Triumph Canley

Mr. Hervey was a Wing Commander in the R.A.F., with fourteen years service, most of which time was spent flying over the North-West Frontier of India, in particular, Waziristan, or in the Air Ministry forcasting the long-term pro-duction requirements of aircraft for the R.A.F. He has joined Mr. P. Cleydon’s staff and comes directly under the capable eye of Mr. Bevington, the Welfare Officer.

ARCHIVE, September, 1950