Weddings – Part 1 – 1968

A trio of weddings from the Standard Triumph company newspaper in December 1968. Recognise anyone?

Weddings at Standard Triumph
Alan Roberts, an ex-apprentice, in Gear Standards, was married at Warwick. Mr G. K. Drewry presented a sum of money and a steam iron from Alan’s colleagues.

Michael Harris, an ex-apprentice, in Production Engineering, was married at Kenilworth. For his colleagues, Mr A. Fielding presented an Electrolux cleaner and surprise gifts.

nina cook
Miss Nina Cook, photostatic clerk in Postal Dept., Canley, was married at Coventry Register Office. For her friends and colleagues Mr W. M. Hartley, Administration Manager, presented a bouquet, dinner set, water set, fruit set, and other household items.