A. G. Wallis

A little nostalgia does no harm so am sending you this picture of two products of one of Coventry’s most famous firms, Standard Triumph.

AG Wallis New ZealandBoth cars are still going well in New Zealand. The Herald is a 1200 model, made in 1966, and has 95,000 miles on the clock. It has just had a reconditioned engine and gearbox. Apart from that it is in original condition and is my wife’s pride and joy. The 1978 2000 is one of the last to be assembled in New Zealand. It has recorded 74,000 kilometres and is in pristine condition, which is more than can be said for the old boy (me) standing between the cars.

Christchurch Triumph Owners Club has about 60 members, with Triumph cars from Heralds to Stags. The whole Triumph range is extremely popular in spite of competition from the Japanese. I was Standard production executive for overseas manufacture until 1956, having previously been production superintendent of the Ferguson tractor plant in Banner Lane.

A. G. Wallis, Southbrook, Ragiora, New Zealand.

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