Albert Bates

A fascinating series of photographs and details have just arrived through our front door from Marilyn Bates relating to her late husband Albert.

Albert worked at the Allesley Standard Service Department in the late 50’s and worked right through until he took voluntary redundancy in December 1979. Marilyn writes “The best days of my life was the expression always used by Albert when fondly speaking of his working days and experiences with Standard as a motor mechanic.”

Albert was a mechanic on the European Rallies 1959-1961 both the competitive rallies and the rallies Standard Triumph offered customers (mostly American) to collect their cars from the factory works, drive around Europe and then fly back to the US with the cars shipped back home with them.

Sestriere Rally
Albert Bates, (R) Sestriere, 1959

Albert (shown on the right of this picture) in a works registered back-up vehicle. SMC – stood for Standard Motor Company. This photo is dated 1959 and is located in Sestiere, Italy.

UPDATE: The gentleman on the left has been identified as Frank Cridland.

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