Apprentices Initiative Test – 1963

An Initiative Test for apprentices was organized in 1963. The object of the exercise was to see who could travel furthest from Coventry, with a maximum of ten shillings to spend, and also get back within the allocated time.

Apprentices could not use their own transport, other than a bicycle, or shanks’ pony. Upon reaching their turnabout point, they had to bring proof back showing how far they had reached. The allotted time was from 4 pm on a Friday until 7 am the following Monday.

Many weird and wonderful experiences were related, and a few apprentices were temporarily stranded. The winner was Francis McGauran, who reached Aberdeen by devious means, and succeeded in getting back to clock-in on time. Joint 2nds were Bill Eve and Victor Inegbedion, who both reached Cumbernauld, north of Glasgow, and returned successfully. Congratulations, all.

Mr. W. Wanley, (right) chairman of Standard-Triumph Apprentices’ Association, presented the prize vouchers to the winners of the Initiative Test for apprentices. Here is Francis McGauran, the winner, receiving his prize. Joint 2nds Victor Inegbedion (2nd left) and Bill Eve look on. 

ARCHIVE: December, 1963