Apprentice Staff

Here we are compiling a list of Standard Triumph Apprentice Staff. We’ll add photos, for individuals and add any updates in the future.

Bill-Grey Apprentice Supervisor
William (Bill) Grey was the Apprentice Supervisor. We have references to Mr Grey in 1952 and 1955. We are currently compiling extra information on Bill.

1951-1952 Season Apprentice Staff Roll:
CPV Hervey:  Assistant to the Personnel Manager
William (Bill) Grey: Apprentice Supervisor
Ernie Murray: Chief Training School Instructor
H. Plummer: Foreman of the Apprentice Training School Workshop
M. Brady: Mathematics Instructor
Eddie Bishop: Assistant Mathematics Instructor
H. Edwards: Driving Instructor
Gordon Parham: Physical Training Instructor

A document for the 1951-1952 Apprentice Season reports a total of 146 Indentured Apprentices were currently undergoing training in the folloowing year stages:
First Year: 27
Second Year: 22
Third Year: 37
Fourth Year: 32
Fifth Year: 28

“The apprentices training school was at Banner Lane. There was a classroom and a workshop. The workshop also employed disabled war veterans these men would instruct apprentices on machine operation. The apprentices training school moved from Banner Lane when the factory was being transferred to Massey Ferguson management and was relocated to Radford. (1959 – Ed). The apprentice supervisor was now Bill Price, the classroom instructor still Eddie Bishop and the workshop supervisor Mike Grady. It was only there for about three years when it moved to bigger premises at Tile Hill.”
David Mileham

“I started in the apprentice school on Aug 22nd 1955. We were tutored at the school by Eddy Bishop and Ernie Murray and with Bill Grey being the Apprentice Supervisor.”
John (Tich) Clarke