I remember vividly the day the sewers “blew up” when thinners from the paint shop had leaked into the drain system and somehow had been ignited.
I was walking from the car despatch office to the check point at the Maurice James compound where the cars were driven through after having just been waxed for delivery, all of a sudden a brand new GT6 was lifted about 12 feet in the air as the manhole cover it was parked over erupted along with many more as the eye could see. Along with sounds of explosions and clanging of manhole covers and many cars being damaged there was lots of confusion too.

At the back of the car despatch office in the toilets one of the unfortunate inspectors was sitting on the toilet when he was blown completely over the top of the cubicles and landed on the wash basins and was treated for shock as he was in a bad way!

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