Costs Department Pt2

Two more photographs from the Costs Department.

Thanks again to Annemarie Mabbs for submitting them. They are two photographs taken very close to each other show the presentation for Annemarie, she says,
“I was emigrating. I was determined not to cry. They even made a huge wall poster with surfing photos etc and bought me luggage.”

The first photo (above) the names are: L to R
Brian Skelcher (Office supervisor)
Elaine Kelly
Marion Welch*
Olive Hastie
Olwen Jones
Phyllis King
Sheila Jackson
Anne Higgins
Barbara Judge
Tony Gibbs
Anne Currie
Tom Braund
Phillip Moore
Susan Lestrange
Addition: Geoff Smith (I am on the front row, second from the right. I am wearing the waistcoat, standing next to Sue Le Strange).
Rachel Loughran
Les Whalley
Can you help with any other names? Please get in touch

(* Spotted by Tom Braund)
costs department

UPDATE: In the photograph accompanying the Cost Office Part 2 article on the website (Oh! What memories that brought back!) I think I can identify one person not already named, the gentleman 6th from the right, just behind Susan Lestrange, we used to call Harry. I think his surname may have been Gordon, or possibly Bennett.
Submitted by Peter Russell

UPDATE 2: Me again, standing next to Sue Le Strange. However on this photo I can see John Bowerman standing at the back directly behind me. I can’t remember Gordon’s surname but he was known as Harry (I think), and travelled in from Studley daily, I believe. Geoff Smith


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