Engineering Development Department – Updated

Malcolm Whittaker has sent this photo, taken in the Engineering Development Department. It was Brian Anderson’s leaving do, circa 1978.

We’ve added some numbers to the photo and Malcolm has been able to name several of them. If you can you help with any other names, please let us know.

2 (Light Top) Des Kelly
2 (Dark Top) Lee Richardson
5 Pat ? and #17, they did all the hard calculations in the Chassis design office – no names today 🙁

6 Brian Anderson
On the left of Tony Lee, just aligned with his nose, you can see half a face this is Ricky Cheema
7 Tony Lee
8 Dave Howell
9 Rex Marvin
10 I only have his first name = Piers
11 Roland Whittaker
12 Vic Crump
13 I see an Italian guy that I worked with for years, his correct name is LUIGI SIDOLI [not Tony Sidoli]
14 John Carris
16 Dave White
18 Kerry Cooke
19 John Batchelor
Between #6 and #19 a small section of Mike Cooper’s face can just be seen along side Brian Andersons nose
Above #19 at the back and just slightly to the left is Suri Kotecha

20 Mark Niziolomski
21 Clive Davies

UPDATE: I found out about your site from a friend who was looking to see who he could recognise because his father JOHN SMITH worked in Fletch North Chassis design under Mike Bunker in the 50’s and 60’s.  I also worked there starting in about 1966 for Mike Bunker as an apprentice.  I actually found a picture of me that my brother had identified.  I worked in Chassis Design until I got moved to Longbridge to take over the Brakes Design area for the new joint venture project with Honda. Roland Whittaker
Roland has added names to some of the faces in the photograph which we have put in italics ED

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