Forward Radiator – Part 2

You entered first into a reception area with chairs, tables and magazines. The office staff went through a door, on the left was kitchen where Jean Elliot made the tea, next to it was male/female toilets. forward radiator bordesley green

Ahead was a door into factory and assembly lines. Turn right along corridor, on right was telephonist, next managers office, next Mr H Newton Mason company secretary office. Next Frank Redferns office, next spare office for meetings and auditors . Opposite on left on first turning right was wages office, 4 women and John Holden wages supervisor, next door was our office cost and accounts, there was no door into Derek Diggers office the works accountant. It was in between wages and accounts, sort of divided off by wood and glass partition, he had two doors one into wages and one into cost and accounts office. Last was the drawing office next to cost and accounts.

There were no ceilings over the offices, except managers offices. You looked up to the factory roof about 30 feet up, with skylight glass panels. You could open them in hot weather by winding a handle connected to a pipe that went up 30 feet . The trouble was birds used to get in up there and fly around!

There was a wall in between us and assembly lines and factory so you could here the noise from the machines, etc . When the noise stopped we knew there was trouble!, A strike, tools down and then a walkout!

Outside was the parking spaces for managers, their names were on the wall , Mr Digger, Mr Redfern, Mr H Newton Mason, etc to denote their personal parking space, the manager had a Triumph Stag convertible, Mr H Newton Mason a Triumph 13/60. Mr Redfern a Triumph 2000 saloon. Mr Digger a Ford Cortina.

Michael John Newcombe.
Forward Radiator – Bordesley Green