Harry Edwards – 50 Years Service

Harry Edwards was born in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, but eventually moved to Coventry. In 1922 he joined Standard Triumph at Cash’s Lane and worked in the Drawing Office for two years under the supervision of Mr Cowdell.

He moved to gearbox assembly a Cash’s Lane under the late Frank Pyott for two years. In 1926 he moved to marking off In the Machine Shop under Mr Hawker. Two years later he again moved to work with Frank Pyott on assembly.
After several years on day work and two years on night work, at Cash’s Lane, he moved in 1937 to No. 2 Shop at Canley, once again on Gearbox assembly.
During the 1939-45 War- No. 2 Shop changed over to assembling aero engine parts and gears for Rolls Royce and Rotal, and Harry worked there with Mr. Miliett as foreman. In this shop Harry also worked on gearboxes for armoured cars.
During the blitzes on Coventry Harry did night duty in the city for the National Fire Service, after his day’s work was done. After the war, No. 2 Shop started producing car parts and Harry was there for several years before moving to Fletch South on Gearbox Assembly about 20 years ago.
harry edwards
P.D Lilly (left) Plant Director presented Harry with some Premium Bonds

Harry looked back on his days at Cash’s Lane and said that the industrial climate was different then. All employees pulled their weight and the foremen worked with them and were respected for it. Harry remembers his days as a chargehand from 1949 to 1957. In the past he played cricket and football in inter-departmental matches, and also played soccer for the works teams.

Nowadays his leisure interest is music, and he plays the piano and violin.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards live at 12 Fred Lee Grove, Styvechale, where they have many friends.
ARCHIVE: November, 1972

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