Heat Treatment

Four stalwarts who retired from Heat Treatment, Radford factory, received retirement gifts from workmates.

heat treatment
L to R – Fred Haycock, Frank Thornhill, Arthur Forsythe (Foreman), Les Ellis and John Willis

Fred Haycock (65)
21 years’ service; hardener for 14 years at Radford. Previously at Canley, as a progress chaser.

Frank Thornhill (67)
24 years’ service, about ten years at Radford. Previously on Engine Assembly at Canley.

Les Ellis (66)
30 years’ broken service. 1940-56 at Banner Lane. 1959 started back. 14 years at Radford as hardener.

John Willis (67) 30 years’ broken service. 14 years at Radford. Previously at Banner Lane and Canley on heat treatment. Hardener.

Each was presented with a sum of money by Arthur Forsythe, foreman, Heat Treatment.

ARCHIVE:  April, 1973