Hooks – Gordon, Martin and Nigel

I have just found your web site which brought back many happy memories of my time at the Standard, Standard Triumph and BL. My father was manufacturing manager Gordon Hook. (Front Left). He is also seen in a photo with his arm across the last Spitfire.

I was at the apprentice school at Tile Hill and then in the drawing office at Fletch North and then in the Engineering Experimental Department at Fletch North. In 1977 I moved to Technical Publications at Allesley and left the company in 1979.

My brother Nigel also worked in final finish and a cousin, Brian Spencer, worked with me in the Experimental;. It was that sort of company!

The thing I remember most was the engineering talent within the company. I have particularly fond memories of Harry Colley, Bud Flanagan and Roger Dowson.

Martin Hook, France