Jabbeke Speed Test – Original Standard Triumph period film

Original Standard Triumph period film of the Jabbeke speed test featuring TR2 prototype MVC575. This car has recently been restored.  The film shows Sir John Black and Ken Richardson. Can you help with other names?

Ken Richardson had a pre-prototype car, registered MVC 575, prepared with a set of optional streamlining parts including an undershield, rear-wing spats, and a metal cockpit cover and in May 1953, on a closed road and in front of the press, he attained a speed of 124.899mph, quite astounding for a 2.0-litre car of the time and faster than its Austin-Healey and Sunbeam rivals.

History records that Richardson sat on the floor of the car shielded from the wind blast behind a tiny aero screen. Brave men they were back then.

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