Mavis Langdon

Hello, my name is Carmel Langdon and my mother Mavis Langdon, my aunts and their friends worked at Standard Triumph.
Mum was in various factory shops and moved continually.

Mavis Langdon
Mavis Langdon – Trim Shop
Mavis Langdon
Mavis Langdon’s Recreation Club Card from 1973
Mavis Langdon
L to R: Mavis Langdon, ?, Maud Greenway, Olive Vines

Mum loved her job, They all certainly look happy. She did however have a few hiccups when she was shop steward as some of the ladies didn’t like it. Mum is now 89.

The ladies Mavis worked with can be found on the Trim Shop photos.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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