James Harland Willis – 45 years service!

Wonderful to see your website and fascinating photos.
My Dad, James Harland Willis, was born 3/12/1919 in Whitby.

He joined The Standard Motor Company on the Apprenticeship scheme on 21/2/1936 ( a five year scheme as a “Fitter & Machinist” Starting wage for year one 12 shillings a week rising to 24 shillings a week in the final year.

He stayed with the company and like others during the Second World War drove ambulances in Coventry whilst also working at the factory. He met his wife Vida who was a nurse at Coventry & Warwick hospital.

I was born in 1950 and remember him as a “Tool Maker ” at the Canley factory.
I also remember some of the memorable Christmas Children’s Parties put on by the company.

He appreciated the discounts on new cars offered by the company and drove Standard’s and Triumphs through the his life and liked to disparage relations who bought Ford’s.

Dad took redundancy and the pension that was offered by Rover Triumph cars and his last working day was 23/7/1981 (he was aged 62 and had many friends at the factory)

Sadly he was not able to enjoy the retirement he had looked forward to as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was cared for at home (Meadow Close, Lillington) he died on 24th April 1983 which was the same date as the birth of his first Grandchild.

I hope this is a useful addition to your database, sadly many of his factory friends that I met have also passed away.

Alan Willis

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