Bomb Disposal, 1940 – Update

On 17 October 1940, Second Lieutenant Sandy Campbell and his team of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Company were called upon to deal with an unusually large and unexploded bomb that had fallen at the Triumph Engineering Company’s works in Canley.

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Standard or Triumph?

A Brief History: The Standard Motor Company was founded in Coventry in 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay. By 1924 the company had a share of the market comparable to Austin, but by the late 1920s profits had fallen dramatically due to heavy reinvestment, a failed export contract and poor sales of the larger cars. John Black joined the ailing company and by increasing productivity, masterminded the huge success of the company in the 1930s.
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Strikes were a huge part of the motor industry, arguably the leading factor into its downfall. If there was a dispute at BMC, for instance, the unions would bring in all the other manufacturers so the ‘Big Six’ would all be effected. 

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Veronica Lenehan

Not sure of year – thinking late 60’s. I am in the middle with very short hair. The woman with a bun was Eileen and the guy on the right is Peter Murray. Looks like we are playing cards during lunch.

Triumph Works Canley
Triumph Works Canley

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The Last Innsbruck – Derek Hitchins

I started in August 1959 and for over 20 happy years I worked in the new Assembly Hall known as the Rocket Range as a Line Inspector and over the years I was promoted to Quality Foreman.

When the plant closed I accepted a position in the South African motor industry in Pretoria where I now live.
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