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  • Eddie Robinson – Basement Stores - Eddie Robinson retired from Basement Stores, N.A.H., after 27 years’ Company service.
  • Hazel Gibbons – Export Sales - Miss Hazel Gibbons, an export sales clerk at Fletch. South for three years, married Graham Stuart who worked on Engine Assembly, at Coventry.
  • Inter-Departmental Angling Competition - There was a large entry for the Inter-departmental Angling Competition held at Standard Triumphs Angling Society’s waters at Cropredy, recently.
  • Albert Smith 2 - After forty-five years’ service Mr Albert Smith retired from The Standard Motor Company Limited on 13th April, 1951.
  • British Legion – Standard Motors Branch - The President of The Standard Motors Branch British Legion accompanied by the Chairman, Mr. George Wheatley, Vice-President Mr. Bernard Grady, Secretary Mr. Totterdell, with Mr. A. R. Theobald, Chairman of the London Depot Branch and Mr. C. M. Nightingale, Secretary, took part on behalf of the respective Branches in a presentation to Sir John Black …
  • Baby Boom - Mrs Betty Odgers, after nine years as a wages clerk at Fletch. South. received gifts for her baby.
  • Mick Carroll – Herald Trim & Final Finish - Mick Carroll (67), a fitter in Herald Trim and Finish, Canley, retired after 15 years’ service.
  • The Standard Pub - “Held up as the best,” says the famous Atkinson’s advertisement. And no exception is “The Standard,” the new Atkinson’s public house at Eastern Green, just down the road from Standard’s Banner Lane factory on the outskirts of Coventry.
  • Ted Silver Retirement - A marvellous photo taken on the occasion of Ted Silver’s retirement.
  • The Last TE20 - Workers at Massey Ferguson celebrate the 517,651st and last TE 20 tractor to roll off the assembly line at Banner Lane, Coventry. Circa June 1956.
  • Monty at The Standard - On Saturday, October 4th, a very warm welcome home was given to the employees of The Standard Motor Company Ltd., who have returned from service with the forces. The event, A Welcome Home Party, was held at the Company’s Banner Lane Canteen.
  • Dennis R Pearson - MR D. R. PEARSON joined Standard Triumph in 1948 as an apprentice draughtsman at Coventry. After completing his apprenticeship Mr Pearson did two years national service in the Royal Air Force, and re-joined the Company afterwards in Aero Planning Department, at Coventry.
  • Les Smith – Press Shop - Les Smith, retired from Press Shop, Canley, after 30 years’ service at Canley works.
  • Joe Allmark – Engine Stores - Joe Allmark (68) retired from Engine Stores (Canley) after long service.
  • Canley New Buildings 1934 - Fabulous, albeit a little grainy, photographs dating from 1934 showing the new building at Canley.
  • Telephone Exchange - Telephone exchange staff from 1959
  • Engineering Development Department – Updated - Malcolm Whittaker has sent this photo, taken in the Engineering Development Department. It was Brian Anderson’s leaving do, circa 1978*.
  • Factory Correspondence - We love to see paperwork relating to the factory and we are constantly amazed that it has survived over the years.
  • Jack Gowland – Storekeeper - Jack Gowland Storekeeper in Tool Control, Fletch South.
  • Canley – Rover - Two late photographs from Canley sent in by Melvyn Cox.
  • Reg Phillips – Stock Audit - Reg Phillips (65), retired from Stock Audit, Canley, after 10 years’ service.
  • Ray Henderson’s Retirement - Thanks to Martin Cox, a fantastic contributor and supporter of this archive, for a new photo, taken upon the retirement of Ray Henderson.
  • Canley Halt - Canley Halt was opened for passengers on 30th September 1940, primarily to serve the nearby Standard Motor Company’s Works. The crossing had previously been known as Canley Gates from its inception when the London & Birmingham Railway first provided a gate keeper’s house in 1838 to man the gates.
  • Blood Donors - Period article from the in-house BL/Triumph newsletter dated 1979.

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