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  • Alf Welch – Service Instructor in Market Promotion and Training - On the first anniversary of the launch of this website archive we thought we’d write something about Alf Welch.
  • Something new for March – something new every single day. - Check the website at 9am every day throughout March for a new bio, new photo, new record, something, we think, you never knew about the Standard Triumph Company.
  • Factor us in: FREE Online Event - Come to this virtual chat to explore some of the documents from the British Motor Heritage Industry Trust archives about the more human side of the Canley car factory and its impact on the local area.
  • Picture and Video Gallery - Please click on the Picture or Video Gallery. Please Note: We do not add new photos to the Photo Gallery, they are just a few examples of what the archive holds. With each photo we like to add the detail so the best place for the latest photos is in the latest Posts/news. Thank you. …
  • Fletch North Drawing Office Presentation - Photo of a presentation at Fletch North DO, unfortunately I can’t remember the recipients name.
  • Bob Butterworth - For the Standard Triumph website – I know it reads like a CV but there’s no other way to reflect my experience and the great job that the Triumph Motor Company, in its many iterations, positively encouraged its people’s development.
  • Bob’s Retirement – NVH 1974 - I worked in the NVH department in Fletch North from 1972 till 1976 when I left to be a senior engineer in the Prototype build department working for Steve Nicholas.
  • Peter Richardson – My Life at Standard Triumph - My life at Standard Triumph started as an apprentice from 1967 – 1972.
  • Steve Nicholas - A superb photo from Steve Nicholas leaving presentation in Fletch North, Ray Henderson making presentation.
  • Rodney King – Draughtsman - Rodney King, an ex-apprentice, now a draughtsman at Fletch. North, was married in Ambleside, Westmorland.
  • Assembly Hall 1965 - A good interior photograph of the new Assembly Hall, nicknamed the Rocket Range.
  • Triumph Dolomite Sprint Launch Merry Christmas - A Merry Christmas to all ex-workers, their families and enthusiasts of the Standard Triumph series of cars – tractors and planes!
  • Reg Stuart – Spares Stores - REG STUART aged 72, retired from casemaking in Spares Stores after 22 years with our Company. Reg had spent his lifetime in the car and aero industry at Coventry.
  • George Arnott – Herald Trim & Finish - GEORGE ARNOTT, a fitter with 24 years’ broken service retired from Herald Trim & Finish, recently. George worked at Banner Lane as a machinist for 12 years.
  • Awarded Funding - We are really pleased to announce we have been shortlisted and awarded £500 of match-funding by TownsWeb Archiving.
  • Arthur Jeffcoatt – 50 Years Service - Arthur Jeffcoatt, a chargehand in the Engine Shop, Canley, received a special award from the Company for long service. Arthur has not retired but has joined the small band of loyal stalwarts who have completed 50 years of service at Standard Triumph.
  • 1929 Photograph – Standard Works Staff - A remarkable photo from 1929, labelled and ‘Erectors and Fitters, with their foreman W (Bill) Clarke.
  • Eddie Robinson – Basement Stores - Eddie Robinson retired from Basement Stores, N.A.H., after 27 years’ Company service.
  • Hazel Gibbons – Export Sales - Miss Hazel Gibbons, an export sales clerk at Fletch. South for three years, married Graham Stuart who worked on Engine Assembly, at Coventry.
  • Bill Jacques (Cutter Grinder) - BILL JACQUES (65), a cutter grinder at Radford factory, retired from the Company after 25 years’ service.
  • Jack Callen – Trim Shop - JACK CALLEN (65), a fitter in the Trim Shop, retired after over 25 years’ work with the Company.
  • Harry Sutton – Bodymaker - HARRY SUTTON (65), retired from No. 1 Line in the Assembly Hall, after 18 years’ service as a bodymaker.
  • Frank Callaby – Pt2 - Frank Callaby was head of the Standard Triumph photographic department, here he is taking in the view of the French alps near Briancon.
  • Frank Callaby - Frank Callaby had a varied and incredibly important influence at Standard Triumph. With the help of his niece Nicola Phipps, we have been able to start to piece together his remarkable career.
  • Inter-Departmental Angling Competition - There was a large entry for the Inter-departmental Angling Competition held at Standard Triumphs Angling Society’s waters at Cropredy, recently.
  • Sidney Beaumont – Director - A fabulous photograph taken at Sidney Beaumont’s retirement.

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