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  • Alf Welch – Service Instructor in Market Promotion and Training - On the first anniversary of the launch of this website archive we thought we’d write something about Alf Welch.
  • Foremen – Recognise Anyone? - A photo we have been sent through, with a snippet of information confirming this lineup is a group of Standard Triumph Foremen. Can you help identify anyone or the location?
  • Edgar Ashley – Storekeeper No 10 Stores - Edgar Ashley a storekeeper in No. 10 Stores, CanIey, retired after 18 years’ service at Standard Triumph.
  • George Addison – Progress Chaser - George Addison (65), a progress chaser in TooIroom, Fletch., retired after 31 years of good service.
  • George Turnbull - George Henry Turnbull, motor industry executive,  born 17 October 1926.
  • Alexander Craig – Works Manager - Alexander Craig was the very first Works Manager for the fledgling company of The Standard Motor Co.
  • Edward (Ted) George Grinham - Mr. Edward George Grinham, a former deputy Managing Director of the Standard Motor Co., Coventry, has died at his home at the age of 78.
  • Ian Burton – Triumph Publicity Wins Award - A brochure on the Triumph 2.5 PI, Mk.2, produced by Marketing Services of Rover/Triumph, won a national award recently. It was runner-up in the four colour section of the competition and was printed by Nuffield Press Ltd., Cowley, a member of British Leyland Motor Corporation.
  • Norman Birch – Engine Test - Norman Birch (65), a fitter in Engine Test, Canley, retired after 29 years’ service.
  • Go On – Get Involved… - It has occurred to us we have so much info from the early days (pre war, fifties and sixties) history from the Standard Triumph factories we don’t actually have that much info from those employees from the latter days.
  • First Aid Course – Can You Help? - A photograph from a First Aid Course featuring the Standard Triumph Fire Service and a number of other attendees. Can you help identify anyone?
  • Martin Burke – Maintenance - Martin Burke, (70), a fitter’s mate in Maintenance Department, Canley, retired (in 1972) after 29 years of valuable service.
  • Florence Cross – Trim - Florence Cross (60), an inspector in Trim and Finish at Canley, retired after 31 years’ service with Standard Triumph.
  • Charles and John Macartney - The story of two men who both worked for the same company – by one of them. The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the life and career of Charles Macartney, who joined The Standard Motor Company in 1921 as a mechanic in the Coventry Service Department. After two years, he became …
  • Senior Management 1930 – Updated - A fabulous photograph with senior management at the Standard Motor Company dated c1930.
  • Sister Edna Durham - Edna Durham, Sister-in-Charge of Surgeries at Standard-Triumph in Coventry. Miss Durham started work with the Company in 1946, as a nurse. She was promoted to Sister-in-Charge of Surgeries in 1959. She liked to keep up modern methods of treatment and install new equipment. Dedicated to her work, she undertook studies in industrial welfare.
  • George Cox – Spray Painter, Final Finish - George Cox, a spray painter in Final Finish, Canley, retired after over 22 years’ service.
  • Chris Andrews (President of Standard-Triumph Motor Co) - CE Andrews was appointed President of Standard-Triumph Motor Co.. New York, with effect from 1 June 1963.
  • A Standard Triumph Sign for Christmas? - We have been after an original Standard Triumph sign c1960 for a few years. They very seldom come available, are often in bad condition and sell for high figures. After missing out on a recent auction (Cheffins £1,900 yes 1,900 pounds – plus fees!) for a Standard Triumph sign we decided to commission a sign …
  • 1925 Dispatch Dept. - A superb photo from 1925 showing the Dispatch Department at Canley.
  • Paint Stores - A great photo from Martin Murphy, who says, “while going through some photos of my Aunty’s I came across this one. There are no names but it is definitely from the Standard as there was faint markings of the Standard logo.”
  • Forward Radiator – Pt 1 - The Forward Radiator Company Limited was formed in February 1919 and I started work with them in September, 1922. I was the first clerical employee set on, all the clerical work up to this time having been done by “the boss’. Mr. C. N. Rawsthorne, the Secretary and Director of the Company.
  • Walter Rubley - Walter Rubley was Factory Manager of the Car Division at The Standard Motor Company Limited, where he had been employed for 41 years.
  • Jabbeke Speed Test – Original Standard Triumph period film - Original Standard Triumph period film of the Jabbeke speed test featuring TR2 prototype MVC575. This car has recently been restored.  The film shows Sir John Black and Ken Richardson. Can you help with other names?
  • Mavis Langdon - Hello, my name is Carmel Langdon and my mother Mavis Langdon, my aunts and their friends worked at Standard Triumph.
  • Graham Richardson – Printing Dept. - I started working at Triumph in 1972 in the Printing Department, where I printed all the internal documents for parts forms, wages slips and all that was required. There were about 12 people who worked in that department.

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