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  • 1925 Dispatch Dept. - A superb photo from 1925 showing the Dispatch Department at Canley.
  • Paint Stores - A great photo from Martin Murphy, who says, “while going through some photos of my Aunty’s I came across this one. There are no names but it is definitely from the Standard as there was faint markings of the Standard logo.”
  • Forward Radiator – Pt 1 - The Forward Radiator Company Limited was formed in February 1919 and I started work with them in September, 1922. I was the first clerical employee set on, all the clerical work up to this time having been done by “the boss’. Mr. C. N. Rawsthorne, the Secretary and Director of the Company.
  • Walter Rubley - Walter Rubley was Factory Manager of the Car Division at The Standard Motor Company Limited, where he had been employed for 41 years.
  • Jabbeke Speed Test – Original Standard Triumph period film - Original Standard Triumph period film of the Jabbeke speed test featuring TR2 prototype MVC575. This car has recently been restored.  The film shows Sir John Black and Ken Richardson. Can you help with other names?
  • Mavis Langdon - Hello, my name is Carmel Langdon and my mother Mavis Langdon, my aunts and their friends worked at Standard Triumph.
  • Graham Richardson – Printing Dept. - I started working at Triumph in 1972 in the Printing Department, where I printed all the internal documents for parts forms, wages slips and all that was required. There were about 12 people who worked in that department.
  • Bill Bullivant - A Second World War veteran and Standard Triumph manager has celebrated his 100th birthday in Coventry.
  • Forward Radiator – Bordesley Green - Of the 53 years that the Forward Radiator Company of Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham, was in existence, the last decade was undoubtedly the most dramatic in the company’s long history.
  • Schedule Control - Outside the New Assembly Hall, Canley, are the personnel of Schedule Control — happily looking forward to working on big orders for our new models !
  • A Visit to the Triumph Works – 1957 - A Visit to the Triumph Works We headed for Coventry and drove along the Ring Road to the factory of the Standard Motor Company Ltd., where Triumph TR3s are assembled.
  • Walter Belgrove - Born in Liverpool, where he attended the Liverpool College of Art, in 1927 Walter Belgrove moved to Coventry where he was hired by Triumph, after some years of apprenticeship first at the “J. Blake and Co.” body shop in Liverpool, then at “Windovers” in London, where he practiced both the design and the bodyworks modeling.
  • Joe Waite - Whilst researching Arthur Hutt, I came across your article on the Standard Triumph website and thought you might like to know the following.
  • Eric Camwell - I was an apprentice at the Raleigh company in 1930 and later worked for Daimler.
  • Mick Leach - Mick Leach wedding presentation by Ted Silver.
  • John Carolan - John Carolan retirement presentation.
  • Sir John Black, Alick Dick and? - This great photograph is when – early 1950’s? – and a busy trio. Sir John Black, Alick Dick and an unknown lady – can you help identify her? One early reference to a secretary to Sir John is for Edna Taylor. This would have been early thirties – possibly when Black took control of the …
  • Steve Nicholas - A superb photo from Steve Nicholas leaving presentation in Fletch North, Ray Henderson making presentation.
  • Final Finish - For the final day of March – a month we have posted something new every single day – something apt? – Final Finish.
  • Super Sleuths? - Ok detectives – can you help with this photo? Probably very early, probably linked to the early beginnings of the Standard Motor Co.
  • Le Mans – Getting There! - A superb reaction to the recent Le Mans photos, so how about a couple more?
  • Standard 1928 - Dated c1928/1930 this superb factory image shows the Standard Motor Co body assembly.
  • Any Clues? Photo Participant Competition - A trio of photos for you today – with suitable clues what can they tell us?
  • Harry Webster CBE - Harry and his three Brothers at the Duke of York pub in Tewkesbury.  From Left to Right.  John Webster, George Webster, Harry, Derek Webster.
  • John Batchelor - I was a JRT sponsored student from 1980~1984 and spent time in several departments at Canley – Prototype Build, NVH and Trim and Hardware Design – before joining the Aerodynamic Department full-time in the autumn of 1984.

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