triumph workers


  • Tyre Fitting - This factory photo shows part of the New Assembly Hall in 1961.
  • Press Cars - I have just placed some details on the Directory of my father, Alan Dunthorne,  who worked for 37 years from 1960 to 1997.
  • Christmas at Standard Triumph - As Christmas approaches we’d like to compile details about the Christmases at the Standard Triumph range of factories.
  • Schedule Control - Outside the New Assembly Hall, Canley, are the personnel of Schedule Control — happily looking forward to working on big orders for our new models !
  • Jack Curl – Spares Production Control - JACK CURL 66 , a progress chaser in Spares Production Control, Canley, retired after 35 years’ service.
  • New Assembly Hall – Computer Room - This photo is the computer room in the New Assembly Hall.
  • Water Test - Part of the new Assembly Hall (nicknamed the Rocket Range due to the new speed of production) a water test facility was installed.
  • Norman Evans – Emissions - Norman Evans retirement presentation.
  • Banner Lane – Massey Ferguson - Banner Lane was the site of a wartime shadow factory in Coventry run by the Standard Motor Company and dedicated to making Bristol Hercules aero engines.
  • R H Pitt – Chief Fire Officer - R. H. PITT, Chief Fire Officer of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd., retired from the Company on 1st December, 1948, after nearly forty years service.

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