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  • Alf Welch – Service Instructor in Market Promotion and Training - On the first anniversary of the launch of this website archive we thought we’d write something about Alf Welch.
  • Surgery – or Computer Room? - Part of this project is to recognise many of the factory features that made up the Canley Standard Triumph site. We would like your help.
  • Fletch South - Remarkably we may have ‘found’ the doors to the main entrance at Fletch South. They still exist!
  • Mayflower - A series of photos with the Triumph Mayflower in production.
  • Vintage Standard Rally - A couple of photographs taken at a Standard vintage rally at Canley during the 1960’s.
  • John Jones - My father John Jones, worked there as a tool setter charge hand. He was there from about 1962 till the day it closed down permanently.
  • Mavis Langdon Standard Ladies Pt 4 - Another group photo of a team of trim ladies from Mavis Langdon.
  • Tony Gibbs – Cost Office - Following on from the Cost Office Part 1 (Part 2 to follow shortly), this little snippet has been found from 1979.
  • Tom Neary – Maintenance Department - Tom Neary , of Maintenance Department, Canley, was presented with a sum of money from the department when he retired after many years’ service. Mr. E. K. Wadsworth, Works Engineer, made the presentation.
  • Mark McCombie - I started work at Standard Triumph in the summer of 1971 working at the Tile Hill training school. I progressed to become a trimmer working at Canley and also at the Service Department at Allesley.
  • Ivy Cottage – Demolition - A sad photo taken just prior to the demolition of Ivy Cottage.
  • Cliff Frost - Cliff was born on the 9th March 1932 to Arthur and Sylvia Frost. Cliff was the third of four children. He had an elder brother called Arthur, but called Mick for his entire life, and an older sister Joan. A couple of years after Cliff had arrived the youngest of the siblings, Trevor was born.
  • 1950’s Wages Agreement - Directors from Standard Triumph and representatives from the Trade Union sign the new wages agreement.
  • Senior Executives - A good period photo from 1954 showing for senior Standard Triumph executives.
  • Thomas Joseph Mulrennan Pt 2 - A great series of photos featuring Thomas Joseph Mulrennan from Standard Triumph before emigrating to Australia.
  • Increased Sales 1936 - Period advert from November 1936
  • Garry Owen (Junior) - In the sixties the Standard Triumph apprentices would enter a float to all the local carnivals.
  • Costs Department Pt 1 - My name is Annemarie Mabbs was Annemarie Mckenna I started work on April 17th 1963 as a junior in the costs depart at Canley.
  • Recognise These Faces? - A remarkable set of colour factory photographs have emerged from 1959
  • Pubs: The Fletch - Located on the Fletchamstead Highway, The Fletch was immediately opposite the main Fletch South/North buildings. 
  • Standard Cinema - A period aerial photograph of the Standard Cinema from 1946.
  • Recognise This Face? - This photo was from early 1959 and often, Standard Triumph pulled a ‘model’ from one of the works departments. Do you recognise her?
  • Recognise These Faces? - This looks like the Competition Department – Can you recognise these people?
  • Recognise This Face? - Final Finish perhaps? Taken from a still from a period film in 1965. Do you recognise this lady?
  • Recognise These Faces? - We have a number of photographs and resources with Standard Triumph workers shown within. Sometimes we have very little information to the date, location and who are featured in the images – we’ll post some up and see if they get any responses.
  • Tom Braund - I started at The Standard in August 1960 as a 16 year old Junior Clerk in the Cost Office at Fletch South working for Doug Swan (recently deceased).

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