John Dixon – My Time At Standard Triumph

I joined from school at the age of 15 in 1959. I was a trainee trimmer. Initially working on the Standard Vanguard and TR range making and fitting the trim.

I then moved on to the “Rocket Range” (Herald production line) making and fitting seats and trim. Not sure if you are aware why they called it the Rocket Range?  It was because the cars came of the line so fast it was like a rocket! I carried on working there till I was 18, then  moved on to Humber/Rootes at Humber Road, then Massey Ferguson at Banner Lane. Finally ended up building an IT company and selling it some 7 years ago and am now retired. I do remember being told in the early days I would finish my work by lunch time, and then went to see my Foreman, and being told to go and see my shop steward, who told me off. We were forever being told to walk out over something, never did find out why. Also remember the time when they kept on losing the chrome TR wire wheels, and eventually found out that the site workmen where taking them out in wheel barrows full of rubbish through the main gate!!

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