Percy Cleydon – Canteen, Social & Welfare Manager

Mr. Percy Cleydon, Social and Welfare Manager of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd., has retired at the age of 65.

Percy Cleydon
Percy Cleydon

He joined the Company in 1938 from the London County Council. The esteem in which he was held by all sections of The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. was indicated by the number of presentations which were made to him before he left. He took a very keen interest in all the Company’s social activities, but he was especially associated with The Standard Motors Branch of the British Legion, of which he was Chairman and later President. Mr. Cleydon was a native of Banbury and joined the regular army in 1912. During the First World War he became a Captain, and was Adjutant of the 11th Battalion of the Royal Tank Regiment. He is succeeded in the post of Social and Welfare Manager by Mr. J. D. Twidale.

Standard Triumph Review 1957

We regret to record the death at his Burton Green home on March 31, 1959 of Mr Percy Cleydon, formerly Canteen, Social and Welfare Manager. Aged 66, he leaves a widow and one son by a former marriage. Mr. Cleydon, who retired in June, 1957, joined the Company in 1939 after 20 years in the L.C.C. Welfare Department. He will be remembered as an active member of the Standard Motors Branch of the British Legion — he was Chairman during the war and later President until his retirement — and as President of the Pipe Band and Military Band of the branch.

In World War I he was a captain in the Hussars ; in the last war he was an officer instructor in the 160 (Standard Motors) Flight of the A.T.C.
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