Sidney Beaumont – Director

A fabulous photograph taken at Sidney Beaumont’s retirement.

Sidney Beaumont Standard Triumph

Sidney can be seen with the dark suit in the middle of the photo to the right.
Sidney was a very early employee and we have a record of him at Cash’s Lane in 1915 as Machine Shop Manager.

It looks like Sidney was presented with a car after 23 years service from the directors. We’ll look more into Sidney’s details and update shortly.

Sidney Oliver Beaumont. Birth: 21 Nov 1873 • Death: 02 May 1945

Seen here marked number 13, Sidney was senior management at The Standard, with this remarkable photo dating to the 1930’s. Leslie Dexter (No.15) can be seen in this photo and sadly he passed away in 1937. Full details of the other senior management team can be found HERE.

“Sidney was my great grandfather and along with his sister my great aunt Madge Beaumont worked for Standard.”
Greg Beaumont