Senior Management 1930 – Updated

A fabulous photograph with senior management at the Standard Motor Company dated c1930.

We would like to put names to all these faces and would really appreciate any help you can give – even a suggestion may help. We’ll call back and amend this page with any comments to possible names. Thank you.

1 Charles F. Gardner
Purchase Manager (for 22 years). Became Director in 1944

3. E. W. Martin 
Home Sales Manager

4. B. Alan Hill
Publicity Manager. Retired 1961 after 33 years with the company. Started as Advertising and Publicity Manager in 1928. First editor of Standard and Standard Triumph Review. More…

5. Charles Macartney 
Service Manager

6. G.A. Phillips
Works Director from c1919.

9. Sir John Black
Managing Director
More…  Obituary

11. Ben F. Mason
Sales Manager
More details to follow…

12. A.E. Green
Chief Body Engineer
Ref. 10 years at Hillman prior to Standard Motor Co. Came out of retirement in 1939 to work for Rolls Royce. Funeral reported Wednesday 13 January 1943
More details to follow…

13. Sidney Oliver Beaumont
More details here

Edward (Ted) Grinham
Standard’s Technical Chief 1931.

15. Leslie Dexter
Details to follow (1897-1937)