Mike Hinks

I started with Standard Triumph in 1964 fresh from an apprenticeship with AEI.
I was employed in the Drawing Office at Fletch North, working in Chassis design for Norman Kendall and later on Engine Design for Derek Lardner and Mike Loasby. I left the D.O. in 1976 initially to launch the new Suggestion Scheme working for John Hedley in the Personnel Department in Ivy Cottage.

I was then asked to take on the role of Communications Coordinator which involved responsibility for site Communications and Employee Participation and being Editor of the newly launched Triumph Standard News working for Colin George the Personnel Manager. I then ran the Employment Office and later moved on to recruitment and Organisation and Personnel Planning responsible to Peter Lambert. I stayed with the company in its many guises finally being The Human Resource Manager at Gaydon for Product Engineering and retired in 2002.

mike hinks Standard Triumph

Photo of my wedding gift presentation in Fletch north Chassis Drawing Office 1966. From Left to Right:
Me ( Mike Hinks).
Arthur Nash (who was the office clerk, previously worked in one of the production workshops, previously Catering Corp. and made our wedding cake)
Dennis Pettipher, Draughtsman, deceased. SEE MORE HERE
Part of face thought to be Tony Joy.
John Hillier Draughtsman.
Norman Kendall, Chassis Executive.
Ted Wood Section Leader Electrical.
Rod Yardley, Draughtsman and my Best Man.

Photographed at the same time! See here for more.

Drawing office canley
Drawing Office Canley